Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is involved in a number of enterprise-wide activities.

The multidisciplinary department currently supports a wide range of biomedical technologies and customers throughout Hartford Hospital and it's affiliates. Additionally, we share service relationships with other healthcare facilities.


As participants in the multidisciplinary patient care team, it is the mission of the Biomedical Engineering staff of Hartford Hospital to support the provision of exemplary patient care and enhance the effective use of healthcare technology through engineering, consultation, evaluation, operation, education and research and development.


Biomedical Engineering will provide customer-focused, quality, cost effective and innovative services to an expanding healthcare delivery system by assuring the safe and effective use of medical technology.

The department will support all activities which help to achieve organizational goals by creating an environment which enables individuals and teams to continuously improve, evaluate, plan and perform all aspects of their product, service or process.

Research & Development

There are a number of ongoing R&D initiatives that have significant impact on improving patient outcome and reducing costs.

Several of these projects/products are patent-pending and represent and opportunity revenue generation. Strategic partnerships with academic institutions and medical device manufacturers provide complementary resources with respect to obtaining research grants and the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of technologies and trade secrets developed within Hartford HealthCare.

  • EndoTester is a patented quality assurance system for fiber optic endoscopes
  • AQ (Acoustic Quantification) is a Cardiovascular Pressure-Dimension Analysis System
  • BioBench is a powerful turnkey application for physiological data acquisition and analysis
  • PIVIT (Performance Indicator Virtual Instrument Toolkit is used to manage and forecast financial data


What type of medical equipment do we service?

  • Ventilators
  • Various models of Infusion pumps
  • Service and repair both mono and bi-phasic defibrillators
  • Enterprise-wide patient monitoring system
  • A wide variety of surgical lasers
  • All operating room equipment, heart lung bypass unit and the anesthesia machines
  • Hemodialysis equipment
  • Stretchers and Beds for all areas of the hospital
  • Imaging modalities including first pass repair on MRI and CAT Scanners
  • We also service general x-ray equipment, ultrasound machines, mammography and film processors
  • We also service the equipment at Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Where is the Biomedical Engineering Department Located?

If you are entering the Hospital from the Seymour street main entrance, walk straight past the main desk, hang to the right at the Auxiliary Gift Shop, and take a left at the signs for the Bliss Wing Elevators. Take the stairs (the stairwell is the last door on the right past the elevators) to the basement (marked by "B" in the stairwell). Take a left exiting the stairwell and then another quick left into a hallway lined with pipes (you'll see a small sign on the wall pointing you in the right direction). Walk to the end of this hallway, you should go through a set of doors and see a mural on the wall after these doors. Take a left at the end of the ramp and you will be at the Biomedical Engineering department.

Biomedical Engineering